Lightweight Panels for Christies International Auctions

QK Honeycomb Panels for Exhibitions

The Expoteam project was taken on in the knowledge that we would have a very short time frame within which to make the panels. We supplied some 190 no. panels faced in painted 6mm MDF – in specially chosen colours. By the time we received the materials we only had around a week to make panels. The job included panels with a joining system, packed on special pallets and protected by interleaving paper. It was extremely time critical and failure to supply at a certain time was simply not an option. The panels were used to display artwork prior to being sold by Christies.

“Expoteam have been serving Christies International Auctions in Geneva for 30 years. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Christies approached us at short notice to take over their Zurich Swiss Art sales and run them in the same way as the Geneva Auctions. Knowing this would be an ongoing contract, we needed an approach that would last for many years and reflect the high standards that Christies expect.

It soon became clear that QK were both professional and uncompromising, instilling confidence that they could deliver a large order of bespoke interlocking panels in the timescale.

As promised, the panels were delivered on time with the finished product even better than expected. Their high standard of quality control enabled us to deliver an overall solution that Christies were truly delighted with.”

Steven D Percival. M.D.
Expoteam Display Contracts Ltd

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