Lightweight Interior Panels

QK-TEX lightweight interior panels are custom-built according to your specific requirements. They can be specified for inner partition non-load bearing walls and screens.



Component manufacturing capabilities

  • Partitions and screens
  • Restaurant chain interiors
  • Honeycomb core panels
  • Composite laminated interior panels
  • Laminated wall panels
  • Contemporary wall panels
  • Doors

We have manufactured honeycomb panels for more than 55 years and we have a dedicated in-house design team. 

At QK-TEX we are geared up for medium to high-volume production however, we have a short-run facility for over-sized panels. We specialise in custom finishes and can match almost any colour and texture. We can supply flat, curved and shaped panels, edge-finished and fully finished, and we can supply panel material for secondary work. We have product samples on display at our UK showroom in North Lincolnshire (UK).