Sustainability Journey

QK-TEX components are high quality and long lasting, and we pledge an ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact, using renewable energy and sustainable materials.



Product attributes

  • High quality & long lasting
  • Recycled materials
  • Sustainable materials
  • Less raw material used
  • Panels can be recycled*
  • Panels typically weigh 66% less than alternatives
  • Panels are suitable for E-RVs

Our sandwich-structured composite panels require less raw material than solid panels and use recycled cardboard at their core. *Depending on the surface material and laminate specified by the client, the panels can also be recycled. 

QK-TEX panels typically weigh 66% less than alternative timber-based boards which reduces the impact of transportation, and QK-TEX panels are the perfect lightweight material for leisure vehicle interiors and E-RVs. 

The TEX GROUP Head Office in Suffolk benefits from solar panels and the same will be installed at our factory in Brigg. We now need to explore more ways of reducing our carbon footprint.