Lightweight Composite Panels

QK-TEX manufacture custom honeycomb panel components to your specification. The timber-based sandwich panel construction provides excellent rigidity at minimal weight. 

Our panels can be flat, curved, thick or thin, shaped, edged, machined, and finished to your precise specifications. Panels benefit from up to 66% weight reduction compared to alternatives.

QK can manufacture products using a variety of facing material to suit your needs – we offer both fully finished products and products that can be worked on by others.

We are UK's No.1 caravan and motorhome interior panel manufacturer.


Typical raw finishes Plain MDF, plywood, composite card
Typical finished surfaces Laminates, decorative papers, vinyl, PVC, PET
Core materials Large and small cell honeycomb and corrugated core, composite foams, plywood and MDF
Tops Sink tops, worktops, tables, straight and shaped edge banded
Doors Flat and curved, toilet and sliding doors, postformed doors, straight and shaped edge banded
Vacuum formed Roof light/window surrounds, furniture fronts, feature panels, fascia panels, and curved panels
General – your design Panels typically from 11–53 mm thickness, raw and fully finished, framed or unframed


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