Anatomy of a QK-TEX Lightweight Panel

QK-TEX manufacture custom panel components employing a lightweight but thick cardboard honeycomb core and thin but stiff timber-based surface skin laminates.


lightweight honeycomb panel


Component manufacturing capabilities

  • Recycled cardboard honeycomb core
  • Standard panel thicknesses from 11mm to 53mm
  • Jumbo thicknesses also available
  • Up to 66% weight reduction compared to alternatives
  • Leisure vehicle (RV) panels
  • Lightweight furniture panels
  • Lightweight interior panels
  • Lightweight ceiling panels
  • Retail interiors & signage panels
  • Lightweight exhibition panels

The sandwich panel construction provides excellent rigidity at minimal weight but also presents a number of other significant advantages over solid and plastic materials.

The kraft honeycomb core creates a thick board with low density and "high bending stiffness". The stiffness is the result of bonding the honeycomb structure to the face sheets, creating closed cells. Honeycomb cores offer optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio and are also used in the aerospace industry. QK-TEX panels are typically far less than half the density of alternative timber-based boards which makes them easier and safer to handle, cheaper to transport, and the perfect material for leisure vehicle interiors where weight is a critical factor.

A sandwich-structured composite panel structure also represents the most economical way to achieve custom over-sized boards, thick panels with a "monolithic" appearance, and curved panels.

The inherent attributes of the honeycomb structure are the hollow core which does not lend itself to receiving fastners or attaching door furniture, and the "raw" edges that have to be either concealed or edge-finished. QK-TEX have developed numerous techniques to incorporate solid fixing points and apply durable edge finishes.